Conventional Surgery vs Guided Surgery

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Unlock $1,000 More Per Hour: CHROME Boosts Surgical and Restorative Efficiency for Doctors

In comparing the cost of freehand surgery to guided surgery using CHROME, it’s important to consider not just the material costs but also the cost of time.

The table below shows a model of the complete costs associated with a full-arch surgery, including both time and materials. This model is based on an hourly rate for the doctor of $400 and does not take into account the cost of staff or operatory use.

The freehand costs and times are based on an average of a large group of full arch specialists.

This highlights the importance of considering both time and materials when making a business or financial decision about which type of surgery to use.

Freehand Surgery CHROME GuidedSMILE
APPOINTMENT ANALYSIS Hourly Rate (per hr) Hrs Taken Total Hrs Taken Total
First Consult (CBCT, X-ray, Photos) $400 1 $400 2 $800
Treatment Plan $400 2 $800 0.5 $200
Present Treatment Plan to Patient $400 0.5 $200 0.5 $200
Surgery Day $400 3 $1,200 2.5 $1,000
Post-Surgery Equilibration $400 1.0 $400 0.5 $200
Temp Adjusted (Soft Tissue) $400 0.5 $200 0.25 $100
Transition steps to final prosthesis $400 6.5 $2,600 2 $800
Total Cost 14.5 hrs $5,800 8.25 hrs $3,300

A guided surgical approach should 1) reduce the overall number of appointments from 7 to 5, and 2) the overall appointment hours by up to 66%+. The biggest differences between freehand vs guided times are in relation to:

  • Premade Temp Prosthesis – CHROME’s surgical accuracy means the team can convert the prosthesis with far less work.
  • Transition steps to final prosthesis – CHROME offers a simplified approach to ordering the final.

Using a guided surgical approach can significantly reduce the amount of time needed for the surgery and decrease the risk of unforeseen surgical complications, leading to a better overall clinical outcome. This approach can also result in a superior restorative outcome, as it allows the surgeon to follow a precise plan and minimize the potential for errors.

Freehand Surgery CHROME GuidedSMILE
Prelimary Records X X
Surgery X X
Impressions X
Fit Verification Jig X
Try-in X
Reset X
iJIG or Rapid X
Printed Tryin X
Finish X X
Total 7 5
Freehand Surgery CHROME GuidedSMILE
MATERIAL/SURGERY ANALYSIS Cost per item Amount Total Amount Total
Implants $200 4 $800 4 $800
Abutment (avg) $120 4 $480 4 $480
Titanium Cylinders $35 8 $280 8 $280
GuidedSMILE Lab Tech Cost $1,000 0
Immediate Conversion Denture & Abutment Guide $495 0
Final Zirconia Prosthesis $3,800 0
CHROME Complete Package N/A $6,100
Total Cost $6,855 $7,660
CHROME surgery is typically more expensive than freehand surgery due to the added cost of the surgical guides and other materials included in the CHROME Complete package. This package includes the surgical guides, an immediate load prosthesis, a RAPID applicant, and the final prosthesis. While the additional cost may be a consideration for some, the use of CHROME can help ensure a predictable and efficient surgery, potentially offsetting the added expense.

Freehand Surgery CHROME GuidedSMILE
Total Appointment and Material/Equipment Cost 14.5 $12,655 8.25 $10,960
Patient Price $30000 $30000
True Profit $17345 $19040
Total Cost $1196 $2308
Comprehensive Cost Comparison
  • It’s common for patients to be charged an additional $2-3K for guided full arch surgery. However, this additional cost was not included in the model used in the previous example in order to make the results more comparable. By excluding this cost, the model was able to focus solely on the time and material costs of the two types of surgery.
  • On average, the entire surgical process is 40% faster when using CHROME GuidedSMILE compared to freehand surgery. This means that doctors can complete the surgery in a shorter amount of time, potentially allowing them to see more patients and increase their overall productivity.
  • Using CHROME GuidedSMILE surgery allows doctors to earn more than an additional $1,000 per hour compared to using freehand surgery. This increase in earning potential is due to the shorter surgical time and higher hourly rate that can be charged with this type of surgery. By using CHROME GuidedSMILE, doctors can potentially increase their productivity and profitability.