RealGUIDE and the GuidedSMILE Plug-in

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GuidedSMILE has created a multi-step onboarding process to help users successfully adopt our RealGUIDE dental implant software plugin.
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How to Get Started

GuidedSMILE has created a three-step onboarding process:

STEP 1. Complete our RealGUIDE Design Studio course

This $200 CE-certified program teaches the implant planning and design skills necessary to utilize the GuidedSMILE plugin. Upon course completion graduates receive a $200 discount coupon code to be used in the purchase of the GuidedSMILE plugin as well as a link to the next step of this onboarding process.

STEP 2. Acquire the RealGUIDE software

After graduating form the RealGUIDE Design Studio you will be directed to webpage that will allow you to get both the RealGUIDE software but also purchase the plugin and tokens. If you do not already have the software you would complete the form on this page and a RealGUIDE  representative will reach and assist you in the selection of the right RealGUIDE package to suit your needs.

STEP 3. GuidedSMILE Plugin & Tokens

On the same page where you would request the RealGUIDE software, there are links to purchase for both the GuidedSMILE plugin and the tokens. These links will take you to an ecommerce site were you can purchase both the GuidedSMILE plugin and the associated tokens. . Bulk token discounts are available. Both the GuidedSMILE plugin and the tokens will become active in your RealGUIDE account within 24-48 hrs of purchase.

Once you complete these three steps, you will have the RealGUIDE software, the GuidedSMILE plugin, necessary tokens, and the knowledge on how plan, design and manufacture a GuidedSMILE case with minimal assistance and upmost efficiency!

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Get your ‘Introduction to CHROME GuidedSMILE’ ebook today!

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