RealGUIDE Viewer

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Modify and Approve your Guided Surgery Cases on Your Time

CHROME now provides a complimentary software for your CBCT plan called RealGUIDE.

This simple-to-use planning software will deliver planned cases case for approval. When working with CHROME, you simply approve, or modify, your plan at your convenience, on your phone, iPad or PC. With the Viewer, you can change the implant and abutment position and size, and idealize the plan to your liking. Or, simply rotate around the implant(s) to review, and approve.

The videos below show how to get started and how to manipulate your case. We know you’ll enjoy the convenience and simple sophistication.

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How to download and install RealGUIDE

RealGUIDE Implant Manipulation Tutorial

User Creation

Import Case (Patient List)

Import Case (Double Scan)

VOI Settings

Data Import/Superposition

CPR Setting

3D Settings

Nerve Drawing

Teeth Setup

Share Patient/Project